MACHIGAETAAAAAAAA!!! or What the Hell Happened to School Rumble?

It seems like I’ve been checking up on how various series I left behind are doing lately. First there was Bleach, then Inuyasha, and now School Rumble. And my first reaction is…


At some point School Rumble started dropping the drama bombs like they were coming from Little Boy and Fat Man, and I am puzzled as to how and why this happened. The revelation concerning Karasuma alone is…odd, to say the least, and not in the Karasuma kind of way one would expect. I mean, I know it’s always been a relationship manga/anime, but it was always focused more heavily on the comedy aspects. Did something happen in the author’s life that would cause School Rumble to have such a stark change in mood?

This is like the first time I’ve seen an actual manga undergo the same fate as most comedic webcomics, where suddenly DRAMA is introduced into a world that was originally meant for humor and hijinks.

Maybe I’m judging it bit too early, but this was incredibly jarring.

4 thoughts on “MACHIGAETAAAAAAAA!!! or What the Hell Happened to School Rumble?

  1. Well, it’s not as funny as before, but it’s maintained that “looking back at highschool” feel that it’s had from the start. A lot of the jokes came from the fact that the characters were stupid teenagers with silly crushes, and now… I guess they’re all starting to grow up.

    It’s more slice-of-life than highschool comedy now.


  2. Yeah, I felt it suddenly changed dramatically in mood, which may have just been more prevalent since I was catching up reading the last 30 chapters in one batch. I do miss the comedy that I fell in love with, but I wouldn’t say no to the intense drama that has happened so far. Hopefully, after these revelations settle, we will get back to the old atmosphere as the other characters pick up the pieces.


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