Ogiue Maniax on Answerman

I submitted a response to Anime News Network’s (new) Answerman and it got published. Go there if you want to read yet another story about me relating to Ogiue.

I really enjoy this new Answerman, Brian Hanson. He brings a level of positivity and sincere respect for his readers and anime fans in general. Really good stuff.


7 thoughts on “Ogiue Maniax on Answerman

  1. that response was definitely moving and magical. i hope one day for such an epic bout of fandom to rain upon me. so far my greatest otaku moments were at Otakon seeing JAM Project live, singing them in karaoke with Omo, and buying most of Yoshitoshi ABe’s artbooks.


  2. Wow I didn’t even know there was a new answerman! I’m kinda glad because when I last followed the column it just got more and more negative as time when by.


  3. I read the end of the column and immediately thought of you.

    And I too, approve of the new and improved Answerman, emphasizing the newness and the improvement.


  4. I guess by the time he finished the Answerman column Zac had gotten third-degree burnouts from all the crazy mail he had received over the years, I don’t blame him. So yeah, Yay for the new Answerman!


  5. that’s a wonderful story.

    my impulsive desire to search for anything that interests me surfaced when you mentioned ogilove. Kinda wanted to see for myself, but alas, it seems to have disintegrated. Of course, even tried to find any hint of the doujin online. Found mentions of it in certain sites, and on toranoana. The site of the dude that made it is gone though.

    oh well. I’m glad you have something that meaningful to you though. Not sure if I can think of anything like that in my possession… maybe I do, and I’m just stupid.


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