Hey You, Watch Shin Mazinger

Episode 1 of Shin Mazinger aired in Japan, and I am telling you right now: Watch it, watch it, watch it.

Some of you I can convince to watch Shin Mazinger when I say it’s Mazinger Z as directed by Imagawa Yasuhiro, director of Giant Robo the Animation and G Gundam.

For you others who are unsure, or may not be familiar with Mazinger at all, let me explain it this way:

You know how a lot of shows, especially giant robot shows, have like 20 minutes of setup per episode to lead to a 5-minute climactic fight at the end? Shin Mazinger replaces all of that setup with MORE FIGHTING. Or rather, to put it more accurately, every moment in this first episode is SIMULTANEOUS SETUP + FIGHTING.

Things are HAPPENING in this show, and they’re happening on the field of battle where a boy can become a god or a devil. Whether you’re a big fan of Mazinger or you’ve never even heard of it, know that this show has potential to go places and the visionary force to take it there.

9 thoughts on “Hey You, Watch Shin Mazinger

  1. I will say the show was quite a trip, especially for those who are initiated to the world of Mazinger Z. Been awhile since I saw an anime episode with such a rush action.


  2. Subs actually help a bit, but yeah…it’s more of a teaser than anything else, yet I’m hooked.

    There’s probably going to be more setup next week though, I’m sure.


  3. The real first episode follows more closely to the manga, so we get to see a lot of things never seen before in the original series. Yeah, I’m more than eager to see what happens next.


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