The Fujoshi Files 9: Asou Akari

Name: Asou, Akari (麻生あかり)
Relationship Status: Ambiguous
Origin: Psyche!

High schooler Asou Akari is a thorough merchandise-grabbing otaku who is also a popular artist and cosplayer. Known among otaku for her hardcore yaoi doujinshi, one would never expect her to also be one of the most popular and beautiful girls in her school, even sporting her very own fan club. While most fujoshi lead some degree of a double life, few have their two sides as diametrically opposed as Asou does. The only one in on her secret is her best friend from childhood, Tanigaki Sadakazu.

Asou’s current favorite show is Senkou no Two Top, for which she is proud to be one of the first to draw a doujinshi of it for Comic Market. Her obsession with the dark-skinned and handsome Senkou Two character Azuma leads Asou to also have a crush on a student at her school named Abe, who bears a resemblance to the character Azuma. However, Asou eventually learns that, while their looks are smiliar their personalities are not, which brings her a little closer to Tanigaki.

Fujoshi Level:
Asou Akari’s fujoshi level is indicated by her tendency to confuse fiction with reality. In addition to having a crush on Abe due to his resemblance to an anime character, Tanigaki’s decision to punch Abe (who had hurt Asou’s feelings) only inspires Asou to draw more doujinshi and turns that real life physical altercation into a steamy sexual fantasy. However, it’s not a fantasy about Tanigaki but rather one about a character from Senkou Two whom he resembles.

5 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 9: Asou Akari

  1. Is it necessarily confusion if you project an emotion from reality to fiction, or vice versa? Seems to me there are lots of other reasons. I don’t want to draw this out, but PSYCHOLOGY:

    Inaccessibility of one compared with the other. One might have feelings for a fictional character because they seem more attainable then a real person, or the other way around.

    Feelings of safety. You don’t have to worry about having your feelings reciprocated if you have a crush on a fictional person. Similarly, you don’t have to worry that you’ll ruin a real-life relationship.



  2. Thanks again for another great fujoshi file! And thank you for that response Colin, as I was wondering the same thing a Kenadian! Yaaay! I have something new to read now!!


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