Further True Karaoke Tips

Actually, it’s just one tip but it’s a big one.

By “True Karaoke” I am referring to the singing of anime songs, preferrably the manlier the better, but keep in mind a lot of shoujo-esque songs can be pretty manly.

No matter your level of Japanese fluency, no matter if you have the songs memorized or you read them off the screen or if you have to print out a sheet with the romaji, the following tip is going to be very important to your karaoke endeavors.


The reason I am pointing this out is that I and others I know have had trouble with this, looking for a song without remembering what the full title is and thus having a very hard time pinpointing it.

It’s not “Evangelion” under E, it’s “Shinseiki Evangelion” under “Shi.”

It’s not “Voltes V” under “Bo,” it’s “Choudenji Machine Voltes V” under “Chi.”

Akagi Mahjong Densetsu Akagi, Votoms Soukou Kihei Votoms, Utena Shoujo Kakumei Utena.

It’s something easy to forget, even if you’ve watched every episode of a series and you’re a really huge fan, so keep this in mind next time you’re with friends and feel like tearing the roof down with your impassioned version of the Otokojuku opening.

And remember, that’s “Sakigake! Otokojuku.”

2 thoughts on “Further True Karaoke Tips

  1. I shall keep this in mind next time I go to the karaoke place in Little Tokyo.

    hehe, also another tip: when bringing people who can’t really read the japanese lyrics and no one has the romaji, pick songs that have some simple, repetitive lyrics and sing with em.

    I had fun with Dango Daikazoku. good times, good times.


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