I recently purchased Volume 1 of Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture creator Kio Shimoku’s newest manga, Jigopuri: The Princess of the Hell, about an 18 year old mom trying to raise her newborn child. A review will be posted in due time, but there is something more important I must address.

Manga published in Japan generally has a dust jacket where the manga’s front cover is printed, as opposed to manga published in the US where the image appears directly on the book. As such, manga often have images underneath the dust jackets. Curious about Jigopuri, I looked underneath only to uncover this on the back cover.


Ogiue is saying, “Whatever the circumstances may be, there’s no way they could get this big.” (Thanks to prinny for correcting my mistake)

Even when the content isn’t even related to Genshiken, Kio Shimoku still finds a way to fit Ogiue in, and for that I give him eternal respect and devotion.

Incidentally, this is on the front cover.

Madarame: Why did he use these designs?
Sasahara: Who knows?

7 thoughts on “OGIUE’S TRIUMPHANT RETURN TO MANGA (sort of)

    • Basically the same thing, but I think once I get my review of Jigopuri up, you’ll see what I mean. Jigopuri is a hell of a series, no pun intended.

      EDIT: Actually though, now that you mention it, I realize that Ogiue’s comment could be referring not to the fact that the manga is really out there but that the main character has large breasts due to being pregnant and that to go from relatively flat to very much not is likely impossible.


      • Kaname’s brief flashback in chapter 1 (one year ago…) shows a pretty flat Ayumi.

        Like Madarame, I wonder why he used these designs. The juxtaposition of a realistic baby and moe-ish women is kinda trippy.


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