The Fierce Battle for NYAF Autographs Has Begun

This morning I got a tweet from New York Anime Festival, telling us that the line for Tomino autographs was already forming as early as 7am. Now, the NYAF policy is that you have to pick up your autograph tickets in the morning, but for Friday this isn’t until 11:30am.

This is a far cry from the general Otakon system of autographs which is “everybody lines up and whoever happens to unfortunately be past the cutting point is out of luck.” Both systems have their strengths and faults, giving to varying degrees a sense of hope (however false it may be), and a sense of confirmation that yes today you will get an autograph. The Otakon system says maybe you’ll be that ONE LAST person who squeezes in, whereas the NYAF system says simply, “this is how it is and you’re gonna like it.”

I of course will be trying to get my Zambot 3 box signed, but at this rate I’m not sure if it’ll be possible. WAIT AND SEE.

2 thoughts on “The Fierce Battle for NYAF Autographs Has Begun

  1. Honestly the strength of Otakon’s system is that you avoid this kind of line-ups, where as for NYAF since it “begins” at the start of the con, you can’t really drive people away like you do at Otakon.

    Which is to say if NYAF move the ticket handout time to a later time in the day it might not be so bad. It really sucks to wait in a 2 hour line when that 2 hours begins at like 6AM. Con-goers are sleep deprived as is…


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