Ichigo Mashimaro and “Product Placement”

Of all the scenes in Ichigo Mashimaro‘s anime, the one I remember most is the one where young british lass Ana Coppola is out on a hot day.

Ana stops by a vending machine, looks at one of the sodas, and says to herself, “Ghingheru…? Well, as long as it’s cold, it should be fine.”

Then an old man’s voice creeps in.

“G. I. N. G. E. R. A. L. E. It’s called…’Ginger Ale.'”

This sudden information startles Ana, who decides to leave quickly.

And ever since then, that is what I think about whenever I open up a can of Canada Dry or Schweppe’s. In a way, I’m not much different from those guys who bought Akiyama Mio left-handed basses.


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