Go to Akihabara, Get Genshiken Post Cards

Monday, May 23rd is the release date for Volume 10 of the Genshiken manga, also known as Genshiken II, Volume 1. To celebrate, various anime goods and bookstores in Akihabara are including exclusive post cards with drawings and a thank you from the author Kio Shimoku. The card you get with your purchase of Genshiken Volume 10 will depend on which store you give your patronage to.

Just in case this needs a warning, there’s a lot of Hato in provocative outfits, and some swimsuits and such as well.

Available at Animate

Available at Book Express

Available at Comic Zin

Available at Gamers

Available at Melon Books

Available at Sanseido

Available at Shosen Book Tower

Available at Toranoana

Available at Yurindo in Yodobashi Camera (THIS IS THE BEST ONE)

Again, these are exclusive to Akihabara so even if you stop by the same store in another city, you won’t be getting them. I am trying to procure one myself, and though I ideally would like to collect them all, I don’t know if that’s terribly feasible for the time being.

12 thoughts on “Go to Akihabara, Get Genshiken Post Cards

  1. Of course the last one is the best one. :P

    I like the second and third ones though.

    And I also wonder how long it will take before someone gets all of the postcards?


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  3. I would love to get one of each… but alas. Love the cover of Vol 10… but doubt Del Rey will release it. The Hato swimsuit shot makes me think he didn’t hide the package too well, though….


  4. Ah, a fellow manga/anime fan!

    I wish I could write about my favorite mangas and animes on my own blogsite… unfortunately, except for a few, they are not manga readers, although once in a while I post comic strips. I just watched Suimmer Wars, and it was awesome.


  5. Your a pessimist. If he had kept the same characters it would be bad, but with new characters, it follows the patern of life and a true club. Ancientmembers don’t suddenly disapear, they fade away…


  6. Wow haha I actually bought this on my first day back in Japan. I stopped by Akiba en route. I had no idea these were a special thing. No wonder they had Genshiken all posted around.

    Read the first chapter and found it horrid. Too much fujoshi garbage. Totally can’t relate to the characters and what not now.


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