The Fujoshi Files 26: Momose Tsugumi

Name: Momose, Tsugumi (百瀬つぐみ)
Alias: Momotsun (モモツン)
Relationship Status: Dating
Origin: Mousou Shoujo Otakukei

Momose Tsugumi is a student at North Haneda High often seen hanging around with other similarly fashionable students. Having a crush on fellow swim team member Abe Takehiro back in Junior High, she was shocked to find him getting increasingly close to his classmate Asai Rumi, and has taken great efforts to make her feelings known, including coming onto him strong.

Believing the term to carry particularly negative connotations, Momose refuses to call herself a fujoshi, citing her large amounts of “normal” friends, her manner of dress, as well as her ability to not come across as an otaku in public. However, she is often exasperated by how boring her non-otaku friends are, and will occasionally engage in some otaku-related activity, albeit at a subdued level. Like many, she is a fan of Fullmetal Prince.

Fujoshi Level:
Despite her denial, Momose exhibits all the signs of being a fujoshi, including a fondness for popular titles among BL enthusiasts and a familiarity with popular doujin artists.

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