Year 4 of the Blogging Experiment

Today marks the 4-year anniversary of Ogiue Maniax, and I thought I’d use this opportunity to reflect on a topic that’s been on the back of my mind for a while.

As those of you who keep up with this blog probably know, I began an academic career focusing on manga last year, and part of the reason I was able to do so is that I’ve honed my ability to talk about anime and manga through my blogging. Now though, the question I have for myself is, has my time in academia affected my blog posts in a way that shows an academic influence?

Seeing as I’ve never tried to write a full-on scholarly essay on Ogiue Maniax with footnotes and elaborations on methodology and the like, I don’t think I’ve changed my fundamental posting style in that regard, but I have to wonder if there are any more subtle changes that have to do directly with academia. The fact that I post much less than I used to and make longer posts in general is probably more attributable to my desire to avoid mental fatigue, but I don’t think it really bleeds into the writing itself. I can’t really think of anything major. At the same time, I’ve found myself less willing to make posts with incomplete thoughts like I used to, which may be a sign.

From my own admittedly biased self-examination (as if there is any other kind), I wonder if I don’t let my academic influences enter into my blogging enough. Sometimes I argue things primarily out of passion, and I find myself making assumptions every so often that would probably get hit with a flurry of criticisms in a more rigid setting, which makes me ask if I shouldn’t be reining it in a little bit, researching more vigorously for my blog posts. That’s not to say that every post should be that way (the Fujoshi Files for instance wouldn’t work in that regard), but maybe I should be holding myself to a higher standard.

So I want to ask my readers who’ve been with me for a while, do you find my writing has changed in a manner which reveals my increased academic leanings? If so, do you think it’s something to watch out for, or perhaps something worth encouraging? Is there something about the blog that you like more now, or perhaps something you miss and would like to see more of?

In any case, thank you for these four years. It’s been great walking with you.

6 thoughts on “Year 4 of the Blogging Experiment

  1. The only difference I’ve noticed is the posts getting longer and less short single thought posts, which I’d attributed to you simply posting less and having more time to fully flesh out your thoughts on the subject at hand.

    Congrats on 4 years!


  2. I have been reading your content for many weeks and months now! I think that you have not changed in your style and overall look! I love reading your blog posts and I have them coming to my email all the time!


  3. As a long time reader, I’ve noticed that although you don’t post as much, when you do it’s a lot more detailed now. I like it, but I think you should balance out the long posts with shorter ones throughout the week (as time allows of course. Life > blog).

    Just my two cents!!


  4. First of all, congratulations on four years.

    I’ve been reading for about half a year, so I probably can’t say if there’s been a significant change in your writing style. As for whether longer, more formal posts are better or worse, obviously that depends on what your goal is for this blog. Personally, I’ve always seen blogging as a way to hash out ideas with oneself and readers, so posting “incomplete thoughts” shouldn’t be a problem.


  5. The great thing about writing for one’s own blog and not for academia is that you are free to write whatever the hell you want. I can’t say I read all of your posts, apart from the ones dedicated to Genshiken. With those, the ones talking about the new chapters, I rather enjoy the rambly quality to them. Which is not to say I dislike the more “scholarly” articles. Each subject brings up a different writing strategy. Academia has given you another tool to use.


  6. I simply offer congratulations. I’ve followed your blog for probably a couple of years, but I have no observations about changes. I simply like reading well-reasoned, well-expressed ideas – and your blog is among the most entertaining in anime fandom.


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