The Fujoshi Files 32: Karisawa Erika

Name: Karisawa, Erika (狩沢絵理華)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: N/A
Origin: Durarara!!

A member of the mysterious online gang “Dollars” and a former member of the “Blue Squares”, Erika has had a hand (albeit a small one) in many of the strange events that have occurred in Ikebukuro since the arrival of the mysterious Headless Rider. She is often seen in the company of a few other Dollars members, the stoic Kadota Kyouhei, driver Togusa Saburou, and fellow otaku Yumasaki Walker, with whom she is closest.

Together, Erika and Walker make endless anime and manga references, though Erika naturally tends more towards BL. Her taste in anime, manga, and light novels is wide and varied, with a particular fondness for ASCII Media Works products. However, her favorite pairing is not from any manga she reads, but the combination of mortal enemies Heiwajima Shizuo and Orihara Izaya.

Fujoshi Level:
Like most fujoshi, Karisawa Erika is capable of pairing many different guys. Unlike many though, she has the gall to do it right in front of their faces using them as the ingredients.

3 thoughts on “The Fujoshi Files 32: Karisawa Erika

  1. Ohohoho! I love her guts to fu even with the danger of being pounded in by Shizun.

    Her affirmation of the pairing I confirmed on episode 7 was amazing. (I love how, even if anime-exclusive, Shinra was all ‘hmm, that would make sense.’ He is the one that has known them the longest.)

    Narita is so cruel to us fujoshi. :’C AAAAHHH go away, Vorona.


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