The Fujoshi Files 41: Oshiroi Hana

Name: Oshiroi, Hana (白粉花)
Muscle Deka (筋肉刑事)
Relationship Status:

Oshiroi Hana is a high school student and member of her school’s Half-Price Food Lovers’ Club. Along with fellow club members Satou You and Yarizui Sem, she engages in fiercely violent late night battles in supermarkets around Japan to get bentou for 50% off. Despite her lack of martial prowess, Hana is still able to achieve success through a combination of good timing and a knack for avoiding direct conflict. She is friends with student council president Shiraume Ume, who is in love with Hana. Oshiroi is likely aware of this.

Oshiroi is known online for her BL novel Muscle Deka (“Muscle Cop”), which she populates with characters who are (thinly-veiled) references to fighters in the supermarket half-price food fights. Changing everyone involved into sweaty, beefy musclemen (including the women), her stories tend to involve Satou Saitou being brutally violated by other equally large men.

Fujoshi Level:
In order to garner inspiration for her novel, Hana cuts out and pastes photos of guys’ heads on top of pictures of bodybuilders. This is especially the case with Satou.

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