Genshiken Second Season Japanese Blurays Exclusive Deal Until September 1st

NIS America announced last month that they have the rights to the Genshiken Second Season anime, and knowing their history of putting out deluxe box sets that are a little pricier but come with all sorts of doodads (an art book being the main one), anyone who’s a Genshiken fan would be satisfied with their Bluray release (though we don’t know what’s there yet).

The question is, would you be satisfied enough?

bd1_animate bd1_gamers bd1_toranoana

For the Japanese release of Genshiken Second Season, there is a special deal: If you preorder all 4 Bluray volumes before September 1st from one of three specific stores, you will get a 12-page illustration booklet AND a color print by Kio Shimoku. Order from Animate for Double Hato, Gamers for Yoshitake and Yajima, and finally Toranoana for Ogiue and Sue.

(To be a Hato you’ve gotta be strong, humble never braggin’.)

This is in addition to existing extras, which at least for Volume 1 include a 16-page illustration booklet and an animated extra entitled “The First Meeting to Discuss How a Girl This Cute Can’t Possibly Be a Girl,” as well as a “Post-Clubroom Rambling Discussion.” Whether that’s another animated feature or voice-only, I don’t know.

The only thing is, if you opt into one of these deals, you’re looking at roughly 30,000 yen for 13 episodes. Also keep in mind that a lot of these stores don’t ship internationally so you’ll have to find a way around that, which can cost you even more. You can get them cheaper through Amazon JP but then of course you wouldn’t get the extra extras.

I’ve pre-ordered the Blurays because I am an idiot. As you may have guessed, I went for the Toranoana version. I did not decide to get all three sets of Blurays because even I’m not that insane.

Honestly, unless you’re me, you’re probably better off sticking with the NIS America release as I’m pretty confident it’ll look good. The Japanese Blurays are a realm beyond, for those looking to collect every bit of Ogiue merchandise they can (there’s not a lot, you know).

Actually I’m going to buy the NIS America release as well.

6 thoughts on “Genshiken Second Season Japanese Blurays Exclusive Deal Until September 1st

  1. There is another option if you REALLY want the swag: wait a bit and either find a good drop shipper or visit japan. For some reason, the extras, figurines, art books, etc show up very cheap on and rakutan later (a year or two) Out of curiosity I pasted in the kana for Genshiken and ended up with a pile of Genshiken figurines, including the demure standing Hato, and the club table surrounded by the characters, and a posed Ohno in cosplay, all in the 100-300Y range, shipping another 300-400Y within Japan. Lotsa google xlate was needed. This also meant many trips to the payment machine at the local combini (our credit cards fail in Japan outside of Narita Airport -dont start me on the Tao of yahoo auctions in Jp..). The real surprise though was the VISCERAL reaction of disgust and loathing from she-who-up-with-me-puts, whom I was staying with, upon their arrival. I almost ended up sleeping in a cardboard box under an overpass. “Enemy of all women” time fer sure.


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