The Fujoshi Files 79: Morikawa Rion

Name: Morikawa, Rion (森川璃音)
Sohora (そほら), Gojappe (ゴジャッペ)
Relationship Status:
Origin: Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi na Seikatsu

Morikawa Rion is a school nurse at Kentei Academy who, unbeknownst to her fellow stadd and even the otaku in the student body, is a famed BL doujinshi author. Better known as “Sohora” to all of her fans, she is the founder of the popular Ten x Miko circle Gojappe, and is a regular attendee of Comic Manga Market. It is with her direct help that Miyano Amata, brother of fellow Gojappe member Miyano Tamae, initially transforms into the gothic lolita “girl” Amane in order to work the desk at Comic Manga Market.

Whether as a nurse or as a doujin artist, Sohora is adept at caring for others and listening to their problems. She is a fan of the magical girl series Omakase Tentel, and also has a thing for seemingly opposite genres, the Salaryman and the shota. In her mid-20s, she is also the oldest fujoshi in and around Kentei Academy.

Fujoshi Level:
When Morikawa once found herself with a seemingly insurmountable writer’s block, she was able to use a simple experience talking to a couple of the students at Kentei Academy to overcome it. Tamae’s ranking system has her as a “Closet Fujoshi,” whose Delusion Power is at a somewhat low 700, but is bolstered by an extremely high Economic Power of 5000.

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