The Fujoshi Files 87: Akai Ringo

Name: Akai, Ringo (赤井林檎)
Alias: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Okami-san & Her Seven Companions

Akai Ringo is a high school student at Otogi Academy in Otogibana City, where she works for the “Otogi Bank,” a school organization which helps with student requests in exchange for future favors. Patterned after Little Red Riding Hood and ending all of her sentences with the syllable “no,” Ringo exudes an image of youth and innocence. In reality, Ringo is a “rotten apple” with a cunning and manipulative personality, albeit loyal to her friends.

Ringo is best friends with her fellow Otogi Bank member, the wolf-like Ookami Ryouko, while supporting Ryouko’s burgeoning relationship with the timid Morino Ryoushi. Her feelings towards Ryouko are somewhat complex in that she would be very comfortable with a romantic relationship, but does not desire her normally otherwise. Ringo is also the half-sister of Shirayuki Himeno, a poor but beautiful fellow student who cares for seven younger siblings.

Fujoshi Level:
Akai once created a fictionalized movie where Ookami, Morino, and she fight the three terrorist Tonda brothers. The story called for the pig-like brothers to do possibly indescribable things to each other as the result of a penalty game.

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