The Fujoshi Files 97: Nakajima

Name: Azumi (あずみ)
Nakajii (なかじー), Mikoten Trio (みこてんトリオ, Manken Three (漫研三人組)
Relationship Status:
Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi na Seikatsu

Nakajima is a teenage student at Kentei Academy, and of the three primary members of the Miko x Ten faction of her manga club, or the group which supports the pairing of Omakase Tentel mascot characters Mikoto x Tentel, the opposite of Ten x Miko. Liker her best friends Azumi and Takaide, she also pairs the manga club president Matsumoto Atsumu with his best friend Kiyokawa Atsumu, in that order. Nakajima is also friends with amateur voice actor Ookubo, who eventually becomes her boyfriend.

Along with Azumi and Takaide, Nakajima watches Omakase Tentel every week to see if Miko x Ten will prevail over Ten x Miko. She also draws and publishes Miko x Ten doujinshi with her two friends.

Fujoshi Level:
Nakajima’s devotion to Miko x Ten is about the clearest indicator of how rotten she is.

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