A Susanna Hopkins Hug Pillow…?!

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised that a Genshken hug pillow would exist some day. Kio Shimoku once drew a fake Ogiue hug pillow, and it’s not even that farfetched for the pillow to be Sue of all characters. When I think about it, though, isn’t Sue pretty much the polar opposite of the typical “hug pillow” character? She’s not just an awkward otaku, she’s an awkward otaku who actively makes others feel awkward, as opposed to some ideally flawed character. Or has the popularity of Tomoko from Watamote changed the dynamic and now this sort of girl is “in?”

I’m honestly curious as to who’s going to end up buying this. I get the feeling it’ll require a very specific and special type of fan.

news_large_genshiken2-suomote news_large_genshiken2-suura

9 thoughts on “A Susanna Hopkins Hug Pillow…?!

  1. It’s a cute pillow, but the other side bothers be. The frowning side is classic Sue, but the other side looks like the pillow holder is attacking her.


  2. I’ve always thought hug pillows would be less effective in practice, though I’ve never had hands-on experience with one. However, I could definitely see myself getting excited at the prospect of a life-size Sue giving me one of her unreadable stares. Is she irritated? Is she just being shy? Or is she doing her best to make me feel awkward for owning a hug pillow of her? Oh dear.


  3. Let us just be honest. It is probably for the best that they have never made a real Ogiue hug pillow.

    A. You would almost certainly buy it.
    B. You would almost certainly never “dirty” it.
    C. None of that would matter. What is done would be done.

    – Alain


  4. This is a little disappointing. Genshiken merchandise has always been fairly tasteful. The Sue pillow seems a little low-brow. It’s like if Calvin and Hobbes released a Hobbes stuffed tiger.

    I wonder if Kio-sensei is low on cash or something.


  5. I think the real question is whether we’ll be seeing a Kuchiki-sempai body pillow in the near future. What woman could possibly resist?


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