Up and at Them: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for March 2015

This past month I lost one Patreon sponsor while gaining another. While in business this might be called stagnation, I’m actually very grateful that so many of my patrons have decided to continue to stick with me. Of course I can’t hit it out of the park for everyone all the time, so I’m thankful for even one-time contributors.

Speaking of thanks, shoutouts to the following fine folks for being especially awesome patrons.

Ko Ransom


Johnny Trovato

There are also a few others, but they’ve chosen to remain anonymous, and I can appreciate that.

Last month’s most popular post was Smash Bros. vs Traditional Fighters and What Lies at the Core of Fighting Games, where I wrote about different philosophies concerning simplicity vs. complexity between different fighting game communities. Part of the reason it got so many hits is that I posted it to Reddit myself, but I do think it’s some of my better work. I know I’m more of an anime and manga blogger, but I do have interest in video games and other things as well, and I hope, even if you’re not quite into everything I enjoy, that I can at least make you think.

A few questions for my readers to end off:

1) What kinds of rewards do you think would be interesting for Patreon sponsors of Ogiue Maniax?

2) What do you think of review posts that cover more of the middle point of an anime as it’s airing, as opposed to ones that wait until the very end? They kind of serve two different functions, with the former being more “in-the-moment,” and the latter being more retrospective. I’m aware that some anime fans like to keep up with the new season as much as possible, while others prefer to wait and build up a back catalog, and I’m curious as to which type reads Ogiue Maniax more.

4 thoughts on “Up and at Them: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for March 2015

  1. 1) I like the structure as is, maybe throw in a one on one personal discussion once in a while or allow a Patreon sponsor to add their own viewpoint to the body of the completed post (the comments fields are fine, just an idea).
    2) I can lean either way. I will say if it was not for the anime blogging community I would not have started watching Higurashi when it first started airing, so I think a middle of the road approach is good to draw someone’s attention to a currently airing anime while a full analytical analysis could be performed on the completed work.


  2. 2) I really appreciate the mid-way or early on reviews, it’s a great way to hear about new shows; but I enjoy a good season-end round up also.


  3. Hajimemashite. I’m new here… Drawn in by your Genshiken posts (as I have been watching season two on Crunchyroll due to not having the cash to purchase the manga and I have QUESTIONS, DAMMIT!). I plan to keep reading, though, and wanted to let you know my opinion.

    I think both types of reviews are helpful. Could you do both? Personally, I like to review the first book in a series and then post short “updates” on the other books so people can get my opinion on the whole series. Also, it is important (for me) to know if an anime should be watched while it’s airing. It’s fun to follow the week-to-week bits, but if it’s an older show, a retrospective is always very helpful.


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