A Cheeky Angel: Genshiken II, Chapter 114

It’s finally Angela’s turn to spend some alone time with Madarame in Chapter 114. Looking as if she’s going to do something wildly inappropriate, especially for a shrine, but in fact it doesn’t amount to anything more than hand-holding and longing stares. However, what would normally be considered fairly chaste interactions are in fact evidence of Angela’s absolutely diabolical nature when it comes to winning a man. At the same time, Keiko and Yajima are on their own, but to describe them as oil and water is to not quite do their dynamic justice. Keiko quickly realizes that Yajima likes Hato, and wonders how she can use that information.

When I first saw Yajima start to talk about how much she disliked Hato’s crossdressing to Keiko, my only thought was, “Yajima!!! Don’t do it!!! You don’t know what you’re getting into!” Yajima is too much of an open book and Keiko is already extremely perceptive as it is, so it’s no wonder Keiko figured it out rather quickly. With this knowledge, one has to wonder if Keiko will try to pair the two together, somewhat like Yoshitake, except for her own ulterior motives as opposed to maintaining overall harmony as Yoshitake desires. Though, Keiko and Yoshitake cooperating sounds rather frightening, and I look forward to possibly seeing more.

That brings us to the main feature of Chapter 114: Angela and how she has basically done her research. In the past, she mentioned that what she wants most is for Madarame to fantasize about her on those lonely nights, because doing so will conflate lust with love in Madarame’s virgin otaku mind, and will make Angela that much more desirable to him. In her last attempt, she took an extremely aggressive approach, basically attempting to throw Madarame off the diving board when he had never stepped into the kiddie pool. This time, rather than trying to get Madarame to touch her breast, she directs his hand towards her face, and thus encourages him to stare into her eyes as she gives a warm, inviting smile. However, because of the close call last time, perhaps because of everything Madarame’s been through since they last met, and because Angela decided to wear an extremely bold and unrealistic outfit that accentuates her superior figure compared to the others (generally speaking), she is letting Madarame’s imagination do the work. Angela is essentially taking advantage of the otaku mindset to water the seeds of wild and uncontrollable urge she had originally planted in Madarame’s head way back.

Otaku, especially the typical kind of Madarame’s generation, are confronted with two images of romantic love interests in anime, manga, and games. The first is the sweet and innocent childhood friend, the pure girl who’s all about long walks and blushing profusely. The second is the highly physically attractive type who somehow doesn’t realize that she’s the center of attention when it comes to guys. A lot of times, these two characters overlap (you can even argue that Ohno starts off as this type), and Angela is actively playing both roles. She’s the sexual dream who’s also now shown her “maiden” side, and Madarame is encouraged to connect fantasy A with fantasy B. Probably any guy given this information would have a similar reaction, but because Madarame is who he is, it’s 10x more intense. In a way I feel like Angela’s actions directly confront what an otaku is, or was supposed to be.

It’s also telling that Angela immediately gives Kuchiki the cold shoulder. She isn’t “easy,” but rather just knows what she wants.

The last thing I want to talk about this chapter is, of course, Ogiue. Though she’s not the spotlight of this chapter in any way, she does have an interesting moment with Yoshitake. As Yoshitake falls into tour guide mode, she claims that it’s just her and Ogiue spending time alone together. In order to emphasize this, Yoshitake whispers sweet nothings in Ogiue’s ear, and by sweet nothings I mean history trivia that would directly appeal to Ogiue’s fujoshi side.

We’ve seen Ogiue blush in many different ways, but I don’t think it’s ever quite been like this.


14 thoughts on “A Cheeky Angel: Genshiken II, Chapter 114

  1. I’m surprised to see that you didn’t mention about Madarame’s eyes looking into Hato’s direction when Angela made her move in front of his potential partners. I felt that was the more defining aspect of the chapter, where Madarame feels guilty over doing something wrong in front of Hato than the other girls.


    • Exactly. That was the los importante thing in this chapter, the fact that it seems that Madarame already chose one “girl”
      And don’t forget about Sue, she was totally jealous, and it was really cute.
      Sorry about my bad english


  2. I don’t read japanese but when I read this chapter I definitely think Angela was giving up on Madarame. My indicator was that when trying to even get Madarame to look in her eyes his attention was focused on Hato (and Angela could see that). Anyway that’s just what it looked like to me so I guess I’m going to have to wait for a script translation to see what the real deal is.


  3. The fact that she followed his gaze to Hato is pointing to an even stronger hato x mada event. Whatever that may be.
    In fact it was like she was saying goodbye at the end there.


  4. After seeing the spoiler pics I was eager to see what you had to say about Madarame looking at Hato guiltily after having his hand being held by Angela but I guess its pretty hard to see in the panels that’s what’s going on.

    Still, I enjoyed how Angela is so straightforward with her intentions, because it really does highlight how Madarame can still be seen as the audience surrogate. Throughout the whole chapter we are “with” him trying to comprehend how something so fanservicey can be happening but at the end, Madarame’s gaze pulls us out of it. I keep thinking Kio is teasing his otaku audience this way.


  5. Angela was pretty cool in that goodbye. She tested Madarame by observing his gaze when she put his hand to her cheek. His gaze shifted in Hato’s direction, and in the next panel, only Hato was spotlighted and she was blushing. So with that confirmation, Angela made a graceful exit.


  6. So reading the scanlation is out and the majority rule is that Mada glancing at Hato when Angela was trying for an actual connection is the point of this chapter. It’s actually really funny how the male readers seem resigned to HatoMada endgame but the fujoshi can’t believe it yet.

    A homosexual couple outside the BL/GL genre (not played for laughs) is unprecedented so I still think it’s gonna end with a bullshit open-ended harem/Mada deciding he’s not fit a relationship at all. Kio may be ballsy but many a ballsy mangaka have been vetoed by their editors.


  7. This chapter we found that Ogiue’s weak point is her ears. :-D

    Blow softly on her ears, you’ll see the result. It’s spectacular. The feel of your breath on her ears will turn her on *so much* it’s crazy. She will go all soft like jelly, she will blush deep red, and she’ll start producing erotic moans.

    Yoshitake sure taught us something useful. Yup yup.

    It’s a real pity Sue didn’t notice it. I have this feeling that she would have loved to try it, later, at some time when she and Ogiue are alone. ;-)


  8. I think the reason Madarame looked Hato’s way was because Angela called Madarame a sou-uke. Had she not said that first (and Madarame has been educated as to what that term means now), I wonder if he would have looked Hato’s way. I’m wondering if he is thinking that Angela is saying he’s homosexual.


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