HatoZine, the Hato Kenjirou Fanzine, is Accepting Submissions


Hato Kenjirou is one of the central characters of Genshiken whose struggles with gender and sexuality and overall cheerful yet reserved personality have earned him many fans. Some folks have decided to create a fanzine all about Hato, and while he’s not everyone’s favorite character (see name of blog), I think it’s really awesome and I encourage all Hato fans and perhaps even fans of Genshiken to either send something in or at least take a look when the finished product arrives.

Submissions are open for HatoZine, and are due on October 15, 2015. Make sure to check out the submission guidelines too.

As for myself, I indeed plan on writing something. Or have I already written something and just haven’t sent it in yet???

And of course, thanks to Alison Wilgus for telling me about HatoZine.



3 thoughts on “HatoZine, the Hato Kenjirou Fanzine, is Accepting Submissions

  1. Oh wow! Hato sometimes gets a lot of criticism for ‘stealing the spotlight’ but I love his character for all the reasons they do too, very nice to see. Will definitely be waiting for that.


  2. Ooh. I might actually submit something regarding him. He’s the character I’ve been focusing on the most in the Second Generation, and it’s fun to see enough of an interest that there’s a focus on him.


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