The Fujoshi Files 152: Serinuma Kae

Name: Serinuma, Kae (芹沼花依)
Alias: Ekka (えっか)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Kiss Him, Not Me!

Serinuma Kae is a high school student whose dramatic weight loss as a result of the trauma of her favorite anime character dying gives her an inadvertent makeover.  Afterwards, she attracts the attention of a number of boys (and even a girl) at her school. At first unrecognizable to even those close to her, Kae’s devotion to her favorite pairings and series at first overwhelms her potential suitors (especially her extensive merchandise collection), but they all come to accept it sooner or later, especially given the genuine passion she exudes for her yaoi pairings.

Kae’s favorite series are Mirage Saga, which is home to her dearly departed favorite character Shion, and later Katchu Love, an anime about a samurai armor that can transform into a handsome man. She shares her fujoshi hobbies with her best friend Nakano Amane, as well as one of her suitors, Nishina Shima.

Fujoshi Level:
Kae’s fondness for Katchu Love and the pairing of hero Sametora Hyakka and his armor Akane may or may not have caused the angry spirit of the real Sametora to achieve peace and pass on to the afterlife.

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