The Fujoshi Files 161: Maria

Name: N/A
Alias: Maria (マリア)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Girls Saurus DX

The president of the Manga Study Club at her high school, Maria draws a BL manga of one of her fellow schoolmates, Chiryuu Shingo, which becomes popular throughout the school. Chiryuu, who is reluctant to be with women due to a case of gynophobia, is considered an ideal subject for yaoi.

Maria is of the belief that if she ever so much touches a man she will lose her ability to draw pure, uncorrupted BL. This very nearly comes true when Chiryuu accidentally kisses her.

Fujoshi Level:
Maria is considered the center of the Manga Study Club and its most important member because of her imagination.

One thought on “The Fujoshi Files 161: Maria

  1. More excerpt pix, please! She is massively rotten. Power level at 9000. The fujoshi arc is frighteningly funny. And I lurv her glasses – I think they were supposed to be a ref to an earlier fujoshi chara, but she is my #1 Meganekko!


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