Twelve Blogdoms: Ogiue Maniax 12th Anniversary

It’s with joy and a healthy dose of disbelief that I celebrate today as the 12th anniversary of Ogiue Maniax. Nothing says it to me more than the fact that a part of me wonders, “Should I still be writing these yearly commemorative posts? I’ve done so many already!” But in the end, I am nevertheless compelled to keep these going, if only because they’re worthwhile markers on where the blog has come and gone over the past year and more.

This being 2019 and all, probably the thing that sticks out most to me is how there’s another decade of anime to reminisce about. I wrote a couple of posts all the way back in 2009, titled 2000-2009 Part 1: Looking Back and 2000-2009 Part 2: Looking Forward, where I gave my thoughts on the trends I saw coming and going into the next 10 years of anime and manga. There is a clear record of many (but of course not all) of my thoughts and feelings about what has transpired since, yet I still feel rather intimidated by doing a proper follow-up.

There’s the fact that the amount of anime coming out per year has continued to skyrocket, and that I do a terrible job of keeping my review archives updated. I’m also older, and the years start to blur together. Those aren’t the only factors, however. I want to again take all that I know and try to give the 2010s their due at the same time I try to predict the future of the 2020s, yet in a way I feel like I know less than ever. Certainly, there was the bravado of being a young and impetuous otaku in 2009 eager to get his thoughts out into the world, but I’m having to also contend with a realization that I’m increasingly falling out of the core demographics of generally popular anime and manga. That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy them, and I think it’s silly for someone to believe themselves “too old or mature” for kids’ shows, but my age shows more than ever.

I remain somewhat optimistic that I’ll be able to see this through and produce something worth writing about in approximately a month’s time. Also, in a way, I’ve forced myself to be on notice by writing my 12th anniversary post to be about this topic. Will I be a Nostradame? Let’s see.

Next year, Ogiue Maniax is going to hit its teens, and what a time that will be.

3 thoughts on “Twelve Blogdoms: Ogiue Maniax 12th Anniversary

  1. Dang, has this blog been around that long?! I’ve been following you for the longest time when I was looking around for other people who loved Genshiken as much as me! Heck, my first anime club was named after it! Sorry for not commenting often over the years; when Google Reader went away, it became harder to keep up with blogs. Happy anniversary and here’s to many more!

    P.S: have you thought of doing a podcast or something on YouTube? I’m sure you’d do great on there!

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  2. 12 years? Dang. You have my respect.

    “but I’m having to also contend with a realization that I’m increasingly falling out of the core demographics of generally popular anime and manga. ”

    My distance from the “core demographic” is best measured in light years. Yet, I like what I like.

    One of the advantages of age, if you let it, is that you realize how little the perspective of other matter in terms of affecting what you like.

    And you realize how much those perspective matter in terms of understanding and celebrating others!

    Please, keep liking what you like and keep writing about it. The world needs that kind of thing.

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