The Fujoshi Files 163: Angel

Name: N/A
Alias: Angel (エンジェル)
Relationship Status: Dating?
Origin: Girls Saurus DX

A member of the Manga Study Club at her high school, Angel works as an assistant for the club president Maria on her BL manga. In particular, she works on a manga based on the student Chiryuu Shingo, who is known for avoiding women. Angel claims she has a boyfriend, though this boyfriend is supposedly in a parallel universe.

Fujoshi Level:
Angel is considered to be a peer to her fellow club members in terms of being a fujoshi.


Mizuhashi Kaori and Tohoku-ben

Mizuhashi Kaori is one of my favorite voice actors, and not just because she’s the voice of Ogiue. Her range is quite impressive, and it often makes it difficult to initially figure out that a character is indeed her. As for her role as everyone’s favorite fujoshi character, Mizuhashi has talked before about how she had to learn and practice Ogiue’s Tohoku dialect, not being from that area.

This makes her recent role in Nichijou (aka My Ordinary Life) all the more interesting. Playing the angel character in the bizarre “Helvetica Standard” skits, in episode 9 she tries to teach a demon how to pronounce “chirashizushi,” a dish which is comprised of sushi rice (i.e. vinegared rice) with sashimi on top. Think of it as a pile of deconstructed sushi. Try as she might though, the demon slurs all of the syllables in a distince Tohoku-ben fashion, turning “chirashizushi” into “tsurasuzusu.” “Sushi” when spoken in Tohoku-ben sounds like “Susu.”

I have no idea if this influenced her hiring as the Helvetica Standard Angel, but I think it makes for an interesting circle, going from having to learn Tohoku-ben to successfully play a character with that accent to playing a character who is trying to teach another character not to speak in that fashion.



Angelic Marathon

As anime conventions consider what to put in their video rooms, I think one good idea would be to come up with a specific theme for a room which can cover a wide range of anime from every decade. This will provide a firm foundation for anyone who watches, and I am faithful that the show lists generated will be nothing but the cream of the crop.

For example, why not a video room devoted to Angel anime? And by that, I mean anime with the word “Angel” in their titles.

A sample list would look something like this.

-Angel Sanctuary
-Angel Cop
-Galaxy Angel
-Burst Angel
-Angel’s Egg
-Angelic Layer
-A Cheeky Angel
-Steel Angel Kurumi
-Angel Blade

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless.

Blasphemy is Kawaii

Thank you, Hinamori Yahweh.