People know I like giant robot anime, but at the same time I like to think that my taste in anime is pretty diverse, as is my collection of actual anime DVDs. I’m proud to say I like mecha and super robots, but I don’t like being pegged as solely a fan of giant robots.

Then I passed by a row of anime dvds in my room (there’s other DVDs elsewhere) and I noticed Godannar, Gravion, Tetsujin 28, Eureka Seven, and Infinite Ryvius all lined up next to each other.

At my feet right now are the Gurren-Lagann LE box 1 and Zambot 3, too.

I don’t know if this is actually a lot, but it’s just this feeling that if I were in a tv show or something I would be all, “You cannot simply place me into this narrow category you call ‘mecha fans’ dear,” but then my own room would betray me.

And somehow they wouldn’t notice all the Genshiken DVDs stacked up next to each other. Alas.

When You Have Free Time, You Can Either Watch Anime or You Can

You heard the lady.

Oh boy. You have sold me now.

The last Godannar DVD arrived today, completing my collection, and by last I mean the first volume with box as I purchased volumes 2-7 earlier in a nice deal.

Inside the box was an ad for Gravion Zwei, which is a few years old by now, but it certainly caught my eye. Below is the ad’s text, reproduced for your enjoyment.



Hold on to your feather duster! With a legion of perky maids and more FAN SERVICE than you can shake a stick* at, Gravion Zwei has all the action, comedy and MADCAP ADVENTURE you’ve been looking for!

*No, not that stick!


…Really? I mean, really?

I’m no opponent of fanservice (I bought all of Godannar after all), but damn ADV, are you trying to make people too embarrassed to show your DVDs in their homes? I mean, unless it’s full-on pornographic anime you could at least use some restraint, some clever lines which sum up the show in a reasonably tasteful manner.