[Apartment 507] Honoka Kosaka vs. Chika Takami: Differences in Motivation


Love Live! Sunshine!! is a thing, and while it’s a bit premature to do a full comparison between the old and new guard, I wanted to write a little about an observation I had regarding the franchise protagonists. Take a look, and tell me if this is perhaps the second coming of To Heart vs. To Heart 2.

[Apartment 507] The Charisma of Love Live! and Kousaka Honoka


For my seventh Love Live! Character Spotlight series I’ve written about its central heroine, Kousaka Honoka.

That means there are only two more left: Toujou Nozomi, and of course Koizumi Hanayo.


In this one, I compare Honoka to John Cena, which I think is pretty appropriate.