How Dragon Ball Super Made Dragon Ball Better


Surprising even to me, it turns out Dragon Ball Super is actually really good. I’ve written a small post detailing how Dragon Ball Super has improved upon its predecessors. Take a look!

The End of Sabagebu!: A Shoujo Manga of Girls, Guns, and Greed


Sabagebu!: Survival Game Club ended this month, and it’s one of my favorite shoujo manga of the past few years. Check out my thoughts on this bizarre series at Apartment 507, and why I think it has a place in manga history.

[Apartment 507] New Manga “Youkai Massage”


There’s a new manga written by High Score Girl‘s Oshikiri Rensuke that combines two of my favorite things: Japanese comics and massage. And no, not in a dirty way. Go to Apartment 507 to see my thoughts on the announcement.

[Apartment 507] Teen Girl Sherlock Holmes Novel “A Study in Charlotte” Gets Manga-style Cover: US vs. Japan Marketing in Action


So A Study in Charlotte, an American novel about a young female descendant of Sherlock Holmes, is getting a Japanese release, and it has a cover from a manga artist. I’ve written some thoughts about this method of marketing, which you can read here. Namely, can a cover like this influence people’s perception of the contents inside?

[Apartment 507] Rokudou no Onna-tachi Harem Manga Review: Every Girl is a Delinquent


Weekly Shounen Champion has a new series, a harem where all the girls are delinquents. I wrote a review about it, so check it out.

[Apartment 507] Japanese Manga App Review: Shonen Jump +


I wrote a review of another Japanese manga app! See if it’s up your alley.

[Apartment 507] Why Are There so Many Redhead Fantasy Anime Heroines?


I’ve been thinking for a long while about the ubiquity red hair as a feature of prominent female characters in fantasy anime. That’s what prompted this article. It’s a bit sparse in terms of exploring the concept further, but I think it provides a nice basis for future posts (which will most likely be on Ogiue Maniax).