Ogiue Lexicon

I realized that there may be a few terms I use when discussing Ogiue that may not be familiar to some people. So I thought I’d clear up at least one or two of them.

fude: literally meaning “paintbrush,” this is a term used to describe Ogiue’s normal hairstyle. Also frequently referred to as “fude atama” or “paintbrush head.”

getting a little warped: translated in the Del Rey English translation as “getting carried away.”

Anata no Tonari: “By Your Side.” Ogiue’s Mugi x Sen doujinshi that she sold at Comic Festival.

2 thoughts on “Ogiue Lexicon

  1. I have not seen Kouhaku, and doing a little internet research I can see it’s some kind of enka battle show or something, but I’m not completely clear on what it is.

    Could you explain it to me and perhaps even give me examples/clips of it?


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