The Ambiguously Vague Gestures: Genshiken II, Chapter 81

After the intensity and emotion of the last chapter, this month’s winds down with a post-confession Madarame. In order to try and cheer him up, the old Genshiken girls (+ Hato and Kohsaka) cosplay for him, and for a brief moment the old impassioned expository Madarame makes a triumphant return. As Tanaka and Kugayama leave with Madarame for some male bonding, Saki encourages Madarame to not let go entirely of his past with Genshiken. There also seems to be some bad blood between Keiko and Hato, though the reasons are unclear.

As is the case with recent previous chapters, this one also referenced an old anime, in this case the title of Akuma-kun‘s final episode. Appropriate, because whether you want to call it the denouement of dramatic structure or the ketsu of kishoutenketsu, Chapter 81 feels like a wrap-up of the crazy developments that have happened over the past few months with Madarame, at least when it comes to his feelings for Kasukabe. As such, this chapter feels a lot less overt with its significance and its presentation of information compared to last time, but there are still plenty of moments which radiate with potential. As always, this isn’t an end (well obviously because the manga isn’t finished but you know what I mean), but a continuation.

There’s one scene in particular this chapter that I’ve read over and over because I’m not sure how to interpret it. As the girls (and guys) cosplay for Madarame from the gender-bender game that Kohsaka worked on, Kasukabe herself joins in as well. Before we see Saki in un-drag though, we see her having a conversation with Kohsaka about her character, who’s supposed to be “boyish,” to which Saki retorts that it’s actually a boy. Then, we see two characters off-panel speaking to each other (their words are visible but they aren’t), who I’m pretty sure are Kohsaka and Kasukabe. One of them asks if they accidentally “let it slip” and the other says that it’s not about that. I believe we’re supposed to read it as Kohsaka having hid the details of his game from Saki and her response being that the content of his game is besides the point. However, because of the way she says “it’s a boy,” and the follow-up conversation about a secret being out, and the fact that we see Saki go from what others have charitably referred to as “maternity clothes” to an outfit with a corset such that we can never get a clear idea of her figure, and the fact that even with the corset she looks bigger than she used to (notably in the chest area), I feel as if this chapter is lending credence to the theory that Saki is indeed pregnant.

I might just very well be overanalyzing, and things like Saki’s slightly larger figure and larger breasts might just be either a stylistic change by Kio or a sign that she’s growing older, but it just has me wondering. If my speculation turns out to be unfounded, I’m of course fine with that.

This chapter we get to see the “old” Madarame make a return as he muses on the very concept of “trap” characters and how there are different things to consider when translating them to 3D, a rant which Saki quickly reminds everyone is reminiscent of the Madarame she first met and despised. Is this scene a sign of Madarame getting his otaku groove back? Is it the case that the last few years have been a continuous trial and now that it’s over with he can go back to being himself, or is it that Madarame is trying to force it? Is it a regression to a past identity, or is it a progression, a nerd phoenix rising from the ashes of rejection and anxiety? I’d like to believe that the old Madarame is a new Madarame, and I’m definitely looking forward to where his character will go from here.

As a side note, if you’ve ever wondered what I meant by density of information looking unusual in manga, just look at the page above where Madarame is ranting. If you’re used to manga at all, just the whole page seems to stray from how Genshiken usually flows, though that’s what also gives this page its impact.

An interesting thing I’ve noticed about Madarame’s character is that Madarame seems to get paired with more characters than anyone else both inside Genshiken itself and among fans both English-speaking and Japanese. There’s of course the whole ordeal with Kasukabe, but there’s also Ogiue’s Sasa x Mada fantasies, Angela putting the moves on him hard, the ambiguity of Hato’s friendship, Kohsaka feigning (?) interest this very chapter, and then on top of that I’ve seen fanart and such going all the way back to 2005 that put him with Keiko and Sue, well before they interacted with him like they do now. It might just be that, as Hirano Kouta of Hellsing fame puts it, that “Madarame is the most moe character in Genshiken,” but I just find it interesting that so many, fictional or otherwise, seem to want Madarame to be happy (or at least less pathetic). It’s probably a testament to his enduring character and the fact that he is above all others the quintessential nerd/otaku.

In any case, it makes Saki’s comment that Madarame could very well make his own harem feel both tongue-in-cheek, yet somehow serious, though in the end I interpret it more as Saki telling Madarame that he is actually attractive in his own way. That said, I have to wonder how awkward it would be to have a girl who just rejected you also tell you that it’s okay for you to keep the sexy(ish coplay) photos you have of her. That’s the kind of scenario that so many nerds ae desperate to avoid (“What if she knows that I find her sexually attractive?”), but it’s a new world I guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if Madarame ends up throwing them out anyway, though I also wouldn’t be surprised if he keeps them.

I’ve used this comparison to describe multiple characters over the series, but Keiko is something of a Saki-type for Genshiken II. Yajima is a Saki in the sense that she’s a fish out of water and has the dry wit, but Keiko serves the role of being the character with the most “real world” experience, though as Sasahara remarks it’s more the result of making numerous mistakes. Still, it gives Keiko a type of perceptiveness that’s lacking in the current members of Genshiken, and it makes the moment where she just shows Madarame how his secret never really was one quite hilarious. Given how she didn’t even appear in the second TV series (though as far as I know that was just an unfortunate scheduling conflict, and she does make an appearance in one of the drama CDs), it almost feels like the series is making up for that by giving her more presence in the current manga.

As for the dirty look Keiko gives Hato, it’s yet another ambiguous moment in this chapter whose path will lead us who knows where. If we go by the harem view mentioned before, then this could be interpreted as Keiko exhibiting jealousy, but I think it’s something else. If I had to guess, I’d say that Keiko’s impatience towards Madarame dancing around and avoiding his own feelings for fear of confrontation is also showing itself with Hato and where he might stand with Madarame.

Even though she’s clearly not the focus, I do want to talk a bit about Ogiue’s part in this chapter. When Kohsaka grabs Madarame’s arms and tells him that they could’ve had a polygamous relationship with each other and Saki, I like how you can tell who is thinking what in that moment. For most of the guys, it’s just an awkward moment, but clearly Ogiue and Hato think more of it. Ohno seems much less affected, though it might make sense given her preference for significantly older, hairier, and balder guys. Keiko’s blushing on the following page is probably the most surprising, and another moment in this chapter open for interpretation. Could Keiko be a candidate for the Fujoshi Files after all?

The chapter ends with the reappearance of Katou, who we don’t know much about other than that she has Ohno-esque preferences, and that she’s been job-hunting as of late, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her at all. At this point Asada has more development than her, and she doesn’t even have a real face! I don’t have confidence we’ll see much of her, but one can always hope.

12 thoughts on “The Ambiguously Vague Gestures: Genshiken II, Chapter 81

  1. Itttai! @-@ now I have to read this after you have already. -_-; but I want to see it translated so I can follow it at the same pace and understanding. So how far of actual volumes is this cont. are there 1? 2? Or 3 now? And Have you read the novel “return of the otaku?” where it is from what I hear sort of Scooby doo’ish in plot?


  2. I still say that the reason that Hato and Keiko can’t get along is jealousy; either she’s jealous of the way Hato pays attention to Madarame, yet denies feeling anything for the latter… or she’s jealous of the fact that Hato and Madarame seem to fit together real well, and she barely gets the time of day from him. Or it’s the passive-aggressive way Hato acts around Madarame that bugs her (like she said back in 79, when she stated that she hated girls who got upset when they weren’t the only people to know something).

    And I thought her fujioshi credits were established back when Ohno introduced her to the ‘real people’ doujins…

    Also, DAMN, Kousaka. You be trollin’ – and if I was in Madarame’s shoes, I’d be trolling him right back.


  3. With Keiko getting larger parts in the story now I can’t help but recall one of Saki’s great lines when she said that Keiko looks just like Sasahara. Of course Sasahara himself knows that because he’s her brother but it makes me wonder if any of the other girls (or guys for that matter) ever noticed that about her. If they didn’t, it could definitely make things more awkward if Oguie ever starts to wrap her mind around the idea of Madarame possibly ending up with a girl who looks kind of like her boyfriend.


  4. Oh please, my wife looks nothing to resembling myself, that’s more than an urban legend. Give Kio-Chan some credit the brother/sister resemblance is mild at best as to keep with family identifiers in the character designs. But say if Angela and Madarame do “Hook-up” no similarities in character design there. Same goes for Sue, Hato, or Keiko. WHO Knows, maybe Katou will be Madarame’s new interest. We won’t know for a little bit I say but the best part will be travelling with them to watch and learn.


  5. I think that Keiko is probably jealous. And let’s face it, how do you compete with a boy that is prettier and behaves more as a girl than most girls? Madarame deserves better than Keiko, but for Keiko, Madarame is probably the best guy she could hope: someone who would really care for her.


  6. Of course to the Fujoshi mind, the only reason to Madarame date with Keiko, would be her similarity with Sahasara, since he couldn’t accept his feelings, lol…


  7. I dunno, I read that bit more as Kousaka joking “The secret’s out?!” in regards to Saki making it clear right off the bat that her character is a dude, and Saki’s going “That’s not even a secret.”


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  9. I doubt that there’ll be much more focus on Saki after this chapter for a while. However one question I’ve been asking myselft after reading the chapter (and I might be reaching here) is that did Saki stop smoking completely after the fire incident, did she quit sometime later, or did she stop recently? I guess I’m still considering the possibility of her being pregnant and a lack of smoking from Saki in itself is not really a point towards as much as when she stopped.


  10. Although pregnancy is a possibility, it may just be a fake out as well. The author is clearly keeping certain things tight to his vest. Anyways, it’s saki that asks the question (clearly about the character). If the question had been the other way, then it would be more certain. As it is, it may be a double-meaning type suggestion.

    Personally, if she really was pregnant, I’d think one of the other girls would be freaking out and dropping huge hints because they’d notice (especially Keiko). Pregnancy out of wedlock is also a big deal still in Japan, I’d think. Unless they had a secret elopement as well, which is also possible. On the other hand, do we really know the guy in Spotted Flower is the real father? Bwahahahahahahahahah


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