Future News: Cure Heart Restores Pulse of Japanese Economy


A trailer for the new Precure crossover is out, and it reveals that they visit the Dream World where you get to live out your dreams. The above screenshot shows a bunch of the main heroines and their aspirations, and they’re mostly in line with what we know about them already.

  • Saki wants to be a baker, like her parents.
  • Nozomi wants to be a teacher, just like mascot sidekick/love interest Coco.
  • Love wants to be a dancer, which we see her work on throughout her series.
  • Tsubomi, who loves flowers, wants to be a florist.
  • Hibiki wants to be a concert pianist, which is part of her general character arc in her series.
  • Miyuki wants to create picture books, which is one of her defining features.
  • And last but not least, Mana wants to be PRIME MINISTER OF JAPAN.

I know everyone else’s dream jobs are cool and all, and full of effort and wonder and something we assume they’d be amazing at given their never-give-up attitudes, but I feel like Mana’s is on another scale. Of course, just like the others it’s an extension of her identity in her own series (Mana is class president in Dokidoki! Precure), but even so that is some serious ambition for a girl in middle school, or a boy for that matter. She’s even able to imagine being selected by the National Diet.


The more I watch Dokidoki! Precure, the more I think Mana is probably the best true “leader” character out of all the protagonists in Precure. She’s not my favorite in her series or in Precure as a whole, but just from this trailer she impresses me even more. On some level, I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually end her series 30 years in the future and she actually is Prime Minister.

3 thoughts on “Future News: Cure Heart Restores Pulse of Japanese Economy

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  2. I wish they could have remembered Tsubomi’s aspirations from the last episode of Heartcatch – she said that after visiting space she wanted to become an astronaut! Can’t blame them for missing little things like that though, I guess.


    • Actually, what she wanted to be was a florist in space, so it’s only half wrong…. But I think astronaut would have been the cooler job choice. If you look at them, all except prime minister are typical woman’s career choices.

      I’m still waiting for a precure main character who wants to be an engineer. So far, Honoka has been the only Precure to show an interest to natural sciences and scientific research.
      But then, when I was 14 I still thought I wanted to be a teacher, too, and only decided to go for engineering when I was older. Maybe it’s just realistic that at this age, the things they can think of as a career are mostly what their parents are doing.


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