Fun New Experiments: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for November 2015

The past month has been quite fun for Ogiue Maniax. First off though, I’d like to thank the following Patreon supporters for believing in me and my writing:


Ko Ransom




Yoshitake Rika fans:

Elliot Page

Hato Kenjirou fans:


If you haven’t checked out what I’ve written over the past month, I think I’ve put out some pretty good work this time around. As part of New York Comic Con I reviewed Boruto: Naruto the Movie, which is the bookend to the long and popular Naruto franchise. I also finally got around to talking more about my current favorite food manga, Mogusa-san, and I make a pretty convincing argument as to who’s the best moe character of 2015.

My Genshiken chapter review this month felt somewhat heavier than my previous ones, but I think it makes a good partner with my most recent post, which covers my own thoughts on the recent harassment issue in the Steven Universe fandom.

No sponsored posts this time around, but if you’re interested in having me tackle a specific topic of your choice, I take requests from sponsors who have pledged $30+ on my Patreon.I’m trying a few new things with Ogiue Maniax, as while I love the blog I do wonder if it’s grown stagnant and unwieldy in certain respects. First, while many of my articles are fairly long, I’ve started including some shorter posts as well. Back before 2010, when I would write one post per day, my output was more about getting ideas out there and making them short and sweet. Although I think longer posts have their merit in that they allow for more in-depth explorations of ideas and so I would never do away with them, I am wondering if shorter posts can reach people in a different way.

Second, I’m dipping my toe in YouTube. I do not believe I will ever fully get into the YouTube game, but I was thinking of it as a different medium to get my thoughts across. Today I’ve released the first in what could be a series of “1-Minute Reviews,” based on my past reviews on the blog. The idea, as implied, is that I give my take on an anime in 60 seconds or less.

Third, I started up a Facebook page for Ogiue Maniax. I’m currently not entirely sure what its use is, but I’m open to suggestions.Finally, I’ve created an Ogiue Maniax Skype Group for any Patreon supporter who contributes $2 or more. I’m curious to see if anyone would be interested in chatting with me or other readers directly. I’m still unsure if I would do video chat, but voice chat is something I’m open to. Just contact me through Patreon with your Skype name and I will add you to the group.
So tell me what you think!


One thought on “Fun New Experiments: Ogiue Maniax Status Update for November 2015

  1. 1) I am drinking. In particular, I am drinking Irish whiskey, on the rocks, after allowing parts of Japanese hard plum candy to dissolve in it (a flavor much like umeshuu is evoked.) But anyway, a grain of salt is warranted.

    2) I watched a one or two episodes of Robotics Notes. My lady didn’t like them, and I’ve mostly forgotten the content but remembered I intend to watch more just in case; the first episode isn’t signatory.

    3) Hey! I have many Genshiken figures. Gimme a mailing address and I’ll send ’em to you. I could send you pictures, but that’d be almost as much work, so why jump through hurdles? I don’t figures much.

    4) Your review of Robotics Notes gave me just enough grist to reinforce my idea that there’s some awesome stuff coming.

    5) Apropos nothing, except perhaps because I just put in the first disk of “Haganai”, not only does Genshiken pass the Bechdel test, but in fact I realize I judge most anime (and am judging Haganai poorly, though plot hasn’t started yet) based on a ‘reverse Bechdel test’. To wit: If there aren’t two MALE characters who have names and who talk about things that aren’t women (or fighting), I’m just as bored as if there aren’t two female characters who have names and talk about things that aren’t men.) (With each other.)

    I would be happy to social media, but social media is a silly thing and I want no part of it. I will merrily skype or physically visit with you, because you are awesome, but this is not necessary.

    Back to my DVD. And to postponing sobriety. These white sesame ramen noodles won’t eat themselves.


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