Brave Proles and Brave Pols

PS: The Perfect Codec Pack for This Show

And Then He Bunker Rushed Shabranigdo

(Don’t worry, this is from last season so it isn’t a spoiler.)

Can She Manage? Listen, Bud

Madoka Magica and…Sacrifice?

Puella Magi Madoka Magica has come and gone, and it’s going to be a subject of much discussion. Part of it may simply be that the delay caused by the earthquake in tsunami Japan magnified the anticipation for the finale even more than the already huge expectations for the show, but I think this anime is going to stick in people’s minds for at least the near future. Though the show has its flaws, overly expository dialogue and some contrived twists to name a couple, I found it to be an overall strong show and indeed an interesting twist on the magical girl genre that understands what magical girls are about.

I’m going to be discussing the show and its ending in depth, so take this as the Spoiler Warning.

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